About TGM Audio Mastering Services

'The Grand Masters'

I am David Eley - One of two engineers providing audio mastering services and audio mastering tuition.

"TGM Audio Mastering Services" (TheGrandMasters.co.uk) is a varied collection of audio mastering services. Some years ago, I created "The Grand Masters" - a one man show providing audio mastering at a low rate using a semi sophisticated mastering studio. As years have gone by, the mastering has become ever more sophisticated and the rates have naturally kept inline. At some point along the way, the abbreviation 'TGM Audio' replaced the original name 'The Grand Masters'.

Nowadays, TGM Audio is regarded as a high end mastering service providing commercial standard audio mastering to labels and artists who are looking for label recognition.

In order to carry on providing a service for those on a tighter budget, MasteringExpress.com was created. A few years back, I took on an apprentice engineer, Lee Calpee - an SSR student at the time. Lee now takes care of all projects sent to MasteringExpress.com. See the engineers page.

Myself and Lee are are also the proud creators of MasteringTuition.com - a fully comprehensive website completely dedicated to teaching anyone how to get pro mastering results in their own home. Written mostly by myself but with some help from Lee Calpee.

So "The Grand Masters" has become three services - TGM Audio (specialist audio mastering), MasteringExpress.com (a streamlined service at a lower rate), and MasteringTuition.com (fully comprehensive mastering tutorial website) - all of which have their own website.

As a result of the growth, it made sense to make TheGrandMasters.co.uk a stepping stone website, directing you to where you need to be.