Album Creation

Do you know what the gap lengths should be?


At TGM Audio Mastering, we offer a bespoke album creation service where your mastered tracks are arranged with specific gap lengths chosen (tracks can even be overlapped) and embedded information like track names, album name, artist name and so on. Your album is created using industry standard redbook specification with a choice of media – CD master (Tayio Yuden disks) or an iTunes style mp3/m4a (you choose) with embedded artwork, ready for download from your bands web page. This incredible service is only £20! We don’t just give you a pro sound, we give you a pro look too!


No more 'Unknown Album' listings!


Make use of TGM Audio engineers experience to help you choose your gap lengths, giving your album even more impact and a professional finishing touch. You can relax by knowing your albums’ artwork and track listing will be accepted by any media playing software.