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Whether you're after premium high end audio mastering or audio mastering tutorials, you're in the right place. We are TGM Audio Mastering, two engineers, a custom built high end audio mastering studio and total dedication. Simply choose the service that suits you best...


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What is Audio Mastering?


Audio mastering is widely considered to be the most crucial stage in the production process. It is the final opportunity to enhance or repair problems within a mix. This important last step of the production should be carried out by someone who is experienced and is familiar with the problems that may occur. An audio mastering engineer will have fresh ears and can provide an objective approach to a mix. Skilful use of compression and EQ will ensure maximum cohesion and punchiness through out the whole album. Carried out in an acoustically treated room with ultra high definition speakers, an audio mastering engineer can spot things that may have slipped through the producers net. The combined skill, experience and world class gear will ensure the final product will translate well to a wide variety of systems.


Why get your audio mastered by TGM?


Having your audio mastered here will give it the power to stand out above the competition. We use some of the nicest analogue mastering gear available – our Pendulum OCL-2 Compressor is fast and sweet, perfect for driving bass-lines! We’ll give your mix that extra sonic power and a polished sheen, gelling your whole mix together. Class A analogue tube compression and EQ will give your music a rich, warm sound and a fat bottom end that you just can’t get from even the nicest software plugins. Our monitoring system enables us to understand how your music will translate to a large club system, not all monitors can do this. Try us out, you’ll be glad you did!